Gidimag SMS Service

This service is strictly a debit order service. You will be required to sign and send us the form found at the bottom of this page. As our client your monthly subscription will be R400 only. We charge R400 for admisitration and this is accompanied with your first months fee. First months total R800 only there after R400 subscription. Non Khuzmag Trading and non Trading Concepts Online clients will pay a monthly subscription of R800 per month. We charge R400 for admisitration and this is accompanied with your first months fee of R800. First months total R1200 only there after R800 subscriptionThe service is simply a “diary” of our trades, or what you would now call a “blog”. We detail what we have bought, sold or shorted and briefly why. We use various spreadbetting companies and stockbrokers to carry out the trades.
So you should be aware this is not a “tipping” site and we do not consider ourselves, nor do we want to be, “tipsters”. In other words tipsters will urge you to “buy” something – and they generally are regulated to do so by the FSB. We simply state we have already bought or sold something. Because of that we are not “regulated” – so we are not authorised “tipsters”. We are simply traders who states their positions. That is quite a big difference. We are not allowed to give what is called “Individual investment advice”. And quite right too -We not trained to do so. What that also means is if you e-mail us and ask us anything along the lines of “Should I buy or sell this share?” We cannot answer you except to say it is your choice! Of course We are more than happy to answer anything to do with general market/educational questions. You should understand we always have an interest, and sometimes a big interest, in any stock we talk about. For website purposes our buys will often be to smaller stakes than in reality. So although our buys are real enough, as are the prices, we can and often do buy much bigger stakes in the shares. We may also “top up” in shares/indices without declaring it and We will sometimes deal more often than we mention in the SMSs – mainly because of time pressure, if markets are busy. So though the buys on the platforms are around the R5,000 mark we may well deal in reality is sizes of R100,000 – R300,000. Our reasoning for this is we simply do not want to encourage people to blindly follow us into something when they do not understand the potential risk. It’s ok for us because we can afford to lose money we put into the market. It may not be the case for you. We are generally medium term traders holding our positions usually between 1 day and on occasions up to 4 weeks. Average holding time is probably about 5 days. So one of our main messages is: don’t be tempted to follow us blindly into our choices. Quite often, as we play momentum, a share/spread we have bought may already be much higher than when we bought it, especially as we do not update every hour. If you follow us blindly you may be buying at a much higher price and you may end up selling at a much lower one. You should ALWAYS do your own research and come to your own decisions on share/spread purchases. If you follow us into something and lose money, you only have yourself to blame and not us. You should learn about markets and understand what you are doing before entering them. The most risky way of trading of all is spreadbetting, which we do quite a a lot of. You should carefully read all the warnings that the spread betting firms issue together with all the warnings in this site. And never, ever, play with money you cannot afford to lose.“The investments and other products referred to on this website should in no way be considered “advice” to buy or sell anything. Information is given in general terms only and does not constitute personal advice to any individual. Investors are responsible for formulating and applying their own strategies based on their own personal circumstances.